Products for Industrial Networking

  • Complete Range of Industrial Ethernet Switches covering Unmanaged, Managed and POE switches with and without Fiber optic connectivity
  • Test Equipment for Profibus, CANbus, CANopen, DeviceNet and Ethernet
  • Products for Interfacing Industrial Networks to Standard PLC's/ SCADA/Enterprise Systems
    - Industrial Gateways
    - Industrial Protocol Converters
    - Media Converters
    - Interface hardware for Standard Protocols like Profibus/ Foundation Fieldbus and CANbus/ HART

  • OPC Software for Standard buses like Modbus/Profibus/ Foundation Fieldbus/CANbus
  • OPC Tunneling Software o Industrial WiFi Products and Accessories
  • Industrial Cellular Modems and Routers
  • Industrial Grade Ethernet Cables

Products for Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Industrial RTU with standard Serial and Ethernet connectivity
  • Industrial I/O for standard Serial or Ethernet connectivity based on Modbus
  • Industrial Micro PLC with standard Serial and/or Ethernet connectivity
  • SCADA Software

Products for Operator Display

  • Touch Panel and Membrane Based Operator Stations
  • Touch Panel Operator Stations with inbuilt PLC and I/O

Products for Non-Contact Solid Flow Measurement using Microwave Technology

Used for all types of Solids from very fine powders in food and pharmaceutical industries to pellets, granules, chips, grain etc. Solids can vary from course dense material like Iron Ore, Coal, Pulverized Coal, fly ash, nylon chips, grain, cereals, milk powder, coffee etc.

  • Sensor for Lean and Dense Flow measurement of Solids in Pipes, Ducts, Hoppers, Silos, Tanks, Conveyor Belts etc
  • Flow Switch for Solids
  • Mass Flow Measurement
  • Humidity in Solids
  • Non Contact Level Measurement for Industrial Process

Products for Non Contact Measurement of Solids for Food Industry based on Microwave Technology.

Used in the food Industry for applications in Spices, Candies, Chocolates, Pet food, Meat Products, Poultry, Fish, Dairy, Sugar, Brewery, Soft Drinks, Spirits, Tobacco and also in Paper Paints and Packaging

  • Sensors to measure Total and Dry Solid
  • Sensors for BRIX measure in Sugar
  • Sensors for Moisture Measurement in Food/ Solids
  • Sensors for the measurement of Fat and Protein
  • Sensors for the measurement of Concentration
  • Sensors for the measurement of Colour

Products for measurement Level Based on Magnetostriction