Who We Are

Link Vue Systems is a 15 year old company specialized in Industrial Automation and based in Singapore. We are part of the ZICOM group. We are Professionals with wide Industrial Automation experience and Internationally Certified for some of the Services that we offer.

The main business areas of the company are

Supply of Industrial Automation products

Communication Products
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches/ Media Converters (Layer 2 and Layer 3)

  • Industrial Gateways (wired and Wireless ) for remote monitoring and control

  • Edge Gateways for Cloud Connectivity (MQTT/ REST)

  • OT/ IT Gateways

  • Protocol Converters for manu Open Industrial and PLC specific Protocols

  • OPC Classic and OPC UA Software (Servers and Clients) for Open Industrial protocols and major PLC brands

  • OPC Hardware (for direct hardware generation of OPC UA outputs) for Open Industrial protocols and major PLC brands

  • Network Testing and online Monitoring hardware and software

  • Hardware for Remote Access to Control System Network through Internet based, Highly Secure VPN connectivity

  • Remote Secure LogIn products for remote maintenance

Control Products
  • Micro PLC with integrated Communication ports with direct connection to most standard PLC’s or Modbus based protocol. Supports IEC61311-3 programming.
    Can be used as:
    - Small PLC
    - Remote dedicated I/O for Standard PLC’s
    - Protocol converter for many Standard PLC’s/ Modbus (PLC has 2 comm. Ports)

  • Edge Controllers

  • Touch Panels (3.5” to 15”) with optional
    - Ethernet and/or Serial ports
    - Integrated I/O.
    - Inbuilt Control Programming based on IEC61131-3 standard

  • Stand Alone I/O modules with Modbus TCP or Modbus Serial connectivity

  • Panel Meters and Large LED displays

  • RTU with integrated Control

  • Industrial Displays

Sensors Products
  • Solid Flow measurement Products providing measurement for
    - Insitu Flow measurement for lean and dense flow + Flow switches
    - Moisture measurement
    - Velocity measurement

  • Dust measurement for
    - Ambient Dust
    - Dust inside rooms and factory
    - Dust from broken bag in filter systems

  • Electrical parameters and power quality measurement Transducers
    - Power, Frequency, power factor, current, voltage
    - Power quality

  • Position Transmitters for Actuator position

  • Single wire temperature/ humidity/ CO2/ Dust sensors for IOT applications

  • Current Sensors

  • Length/ Photoelectric/ Proximity / Magnetic sensors

  • Shaft Encoders

Projects and Services

  • Project consultancy, design and project engineering services for control system in Oil and Gas, Water and Waste Water, Semiconductor Wafer manufacturing and other Process Control systems.

  • SCADA systems for remote monitoring for Industrial processes, Tank Farms and Lab systems.

  • Systems in Facilities Management including car parks, ACMV, fire fan system, lighting control system, CCTV system etc.

  • Periphery Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) based on smart CCTV, Microwave, Acoustic and other technologies.